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Power is truly universal 

Since it's invention in 1994, Micro USB cable connects and powers devices around the world. It started out as a way to simplify the connections between computers. 

Now, USBs (short for Universal Serial Bus) are vital to countless consumer technologies. USBs are the ultimate utility tool for all of your smartphones and devices. There is nothing worse than running out of power on your favorite gadget.

Don’t scramble for the designated "random cord" drawer. Be confident you have the right cord for the right device, every time. 

Be prepared for whatever happens  

USB's are about more than just power. They are solely responsible for leading the tech industry into an age of compatibility, and ultimately widespread tech adoption. That means, thanks to the wonderful USB's, your phones, laptops, and home computers are cheaper and work faster.

Connect confidently with our officially licensed USB cables and accessories. 

How protected is your phone? Screen protectors are great for stopping fingerprints and scratches, but what about drops? A quality case can prevent smart device disaster.

Plus, having a good phone case protects more than just your smart device. It protects your life. In today's fast-paced modern world, drops are practically unavoidable.

When your device falls will you have it protected? Gravity, clumsiness, and bad luck is coming for your phone. Be ready. Protect it with a stylish and modern phone case that suits your style.    

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